If you have less-than-perfect teeth, whether you have just a single tooth or multiple teeth that diminish the overall look of your smile, you may be wondering how you can cover up the unsightly tooth or teeth so that you can have a more attractive smile.  The good news is that there are multiple options to consider that can get your teeth looking top notch, and deciding which option is best for you is dependent upon the type and extent of damage to your teeth, as well as other factors such as how long you want the enhancement to last and what fits in your budget.

Porcelain Veneers For Perfect Teeth

One popular option if your teeth are less-than-perfect on the surface but don’t have extensive damage or decay which would require them to be repaired or replaced is to cover the teeth with porcelain veneers.  These ultra-thin teeth covers are simply bonded right to the front of existing teeth to enhance the look of teeth, covering stains, improving color, hiding imperfections such as cracks and chips, and even closing gaps or correcting alignment of misaligned teeth.  In fact, the procedure is so easy to perform that virtually no tooth surface needs to be removed in order to permanently attach the veneer to the front of the tooth’s surface.

The entire procedure takes two quick office visits.  During the first visit, the tooth or teeth are carefully etched and shaped to be able to create a better bonding surface and then an impression is made so the porcelain cover can be customized to perfectly fit the tooth.  A temporary is placed over the tooth while you wait for the permanent version to be completed.  During the second visit, fit is double-checked and as long as all is well, the veneer is permanently bonded to the tooth surface.

How to have Perfect Teeth

Although this procedure is virtually non-invasive since barely any natural tooth surface needs to be removed, there is another option that is even less invasive than the one described above.  Lumineers® is a trademarked brand of patented porcelain veneers that are so ultra-thin that they require no removal of any portion of the tooth structure in order to be adhered.  This option still requires two office visits, although during the first visit, the tooth does not require etching and shaping.  All that is done during this visit is the taking of an impression so a customized creation can be made.  Additionally, you and your dentist will choose the proper coloring to match other existing teeth, or if all are being covered, to select your desired shade.  Since nothing is done to your existing teeth, there is also no need to have a temporary cover put on while you wait for fabrication to be completed. On the second visit, the covers are checked for fit and permanently adhered.

If your teeth have more extensive damage and need repair work that extends beyond simply covering discoloration or hiding small chips and cracks, you may be better off opting for a dental crown.  During this procedure, the existing tooth is filed down to a small nub and a mold is made to create a false tooth that will fit over the nub which serves as the base for which the false tooth is permanently attached in the mouth.  While this is a more invasive procedure, it is a viable option for those with extensive decay or damage to the tooth and can not only improve the look of less-than-perfect teeth but can also improve strength and functionality of a tooth that is otherwise badly damaged.

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