The end of the year is just about upon us and as the holiday season winds down, thoughts immediately turn to the start of a new year.  In many cases, resolutions are made as promises and commitments to better health, stronger relationships or other important factors become prominent in people’s minds.  Whether taking good care of your oral health is something you have always done or not, now is a good time to make or keep a commitment to keeping teeth and gums healthy in the coming year.

Dental Hygiene For Healthy Gums

One of the most important and effective ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy is by committing to a solid dental hygiene routine.  This includes brushing teeth at least twice per day and also flossing daily.  While many people have no problem taking care of the brushing part of keeping their smiles healthy, flossing is a task that many people omit or don’t do as stringently as they should.  But it’s important to note that a substantial area of tooth surface cannot be adequately cleaned with brushing alone.  Dental floss is the only way to get into stubborn areas between teeth and along the gum line in order to ensure that debris and bacteria is removed.

Another critical component of keeping up your oral health is by sticking to a regular routine of visiting the dentist for preventative appointments.  Most dentists recommend that their patients schedule visits every six months, although if you have any potential issues, especially related to gum health, your dentist may even recommend more frequent visits.

During these visits, the dentist or dental hygienist will professionally clean your teeth.  While you may think this isn’t necessary because you already do a good job at home, it’s important to still have it done in the dentist’s office.  The dentist or hygienist is experienced at knowing just how to ensure that teeth and gums are as clean and healthy as possible and can use instruments and techniques that you can’t use at home to maximize your oral hygiene.  Built-up plaque and tartar can be removed and hard-to-reach areas can be thoroughly cleaned.

Your routine dental hygiene visits also entail more than just regular tooth cleaning.  These visits give the dentist an opportunity to monitor the overall health of your tooth and gums and to spot any small issues before they turn into more major problems.  In addition to the professional cleaning, your dentist will do a visual inspection of your mouth and will also manually check for signs of decay using a small instrument.  You may also have x-rays taken, which will provide a more complete glimpse into the overall health of your teeth and will indicate early signs of decay that may not be visible yet to the dentist’s naked eye.  Your gums will also be checked for signs of periodontal disease and your dentist should perform an oral cancer screening as well.

As you turn your thoughts to the new year and start making plans and commitments for what you will do to improve your health, happiness and overall life, be sure to factor in some plans to address your oral health and make a commitment to good dental hygiene over the coming year.

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