School’s out for summer!  Along with the more relaxed pace of the season and the fun activities planned throughout the next few months, parents also have the opportunity to make sure that they take care of important appointments that can keep the whole family healthy and ready to tackle the rest of the year.  One thing that should be on your summer calendar is dentist appointments for the kids if you haven’t had time to make a visit lately.

Pediatric Dental Services

Pediatric dental appointments are an important part of a growing child’s overall wellness.  These appointments are designed to not only identify any issues with teeth, such as cavities, but they also keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.  Additionally, if you use a pediatric dentist or a family dentist who offers pediatric dental services, he or she will know how to interact with your child in a way that makes the child feel comfortable.  That feeling of comfort can go a long way towards instilling good dental hygiene habits in children for a lifetime.

The sooner your child starts visiting the dentist on a regular basis, the more likely they are to not fear the experience. Many adults still remember the feeling of fear that accompanied a trip to the dentist as a child, but for children today, there’s no reason to feel that fear anymore.  Today’s dentists have a better understanding of how to treat children so they feel safe and comfortable. Advances in dental techniques and technology also mean that there’s no reason for anyone – children or otherwise – to experience pain during a dental office visit.

Routine pediatric dental appointments will be similar to what you experience as an adult.  The child will sit in the dental chair and have his or her teeth cleaned, usually by the dental hygienist on staff.  The dentist will visually inspect teeth and gums for any signs of decay or other problems, and may use a small instrument to check for areas of decay on the tooth’s enamel. Periodically, xrays will also be taken so that a more complete picture of the teeth can be seen.  This will help detect areas of decay that may not be felt or seen yet and will identify any other potential issues with teeth and gums below the surface.

The entire appointment typically takes less than an hour to complete.  The dentist may also provide instructions on the proper way to brush and floss, as well as information on keeping teeth safe and healthy.  This may include advice on wearing mouthguards during contact sports, not chewing on non-food objects and other ways to maintain optimal oral health.

While you’re planning some summer fun with the family, be sure not to forget important appointments, such as a trip to the dentist, to keep the family healthy.

For more information about the pediatric dentistry services offered by Park Dental Care in Queens, call 718-274-1515.


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