While many people have heard of porcelain veneers and are familiar with what they do, the term Lumineers ® is not as familiar to those who may be seeking cosmetic enhancement for their teeth.  In fact, Lumineers are a name brand of dental veneers that are created using a patented porcelain. What are Lumineers made from? They are made from a material called Cerinate ® that makes them so ultra-thin that no tooth structure needs to be removed in order to permanently apply them to natural teeth.

Benefits Of Lumineers Cosmetic Enhancement

One of the biggest benefits to this particular type of veneer is the ultra-thin nature of the veneer itself.  Unlike more traditional veneers, which require that the tooth’s natural surface be etched and slightly removed so that the veneers adhere properly and also so that the resulting teeth are not too thick, this option is so thin that no tooth structure has to be removed.

Why is this important to patients?  For one, the procedure is less comfortable to undergo, since no tooth structure has to be removed in order for the Lumineers to fit properly.  Another important aspect of this option is that because no tooth structure is removed, the patient can opt down the road to expose his or her natural teeth again (although most patients opt for this procedure specifically to cover up less than desirable looking teeth that they don’t want to show to the world).

Even though the porcelain material is so thin, it is just as strong and durable as other types of veneers.  In fact, with proper care, you can expect Lumineers to last for twenty years or more.  This provides you with an effective treatment that not only produces results, but keeps you smiling for a long time.

The procedure itself is virtually painless and very easy to undergo.  All that is required is two quick visits to the dentist.  During the first visit, the dentist will take a mold of the tooth or teeth to be covered and the proper shade will be chosen to either match surrounding teeth (if all teeth are not being covered) or to produce a dazzling smile (if an entire span of teeth will be covered).  The veneers are then fabricated in a lab and once the dentist has them back, the patient must make a second visit to the dentist.  During this visit, the Lumineers are checked for proper fit and are permanently adhered to the front surface of the teeth.

Most patients opt for this cosmetic dental procedure primarily to cover imperfections on front top teeth and the results can dramatically change the look of a smile.  The procedure is a great choice for those with badly stained or discolored teeth or for those interested in covering up minor imperfections.

If you are looking for a way to easily, quickly and painlessly transform the look of your smile, ask your dentist whether Lumineers are right for you.

What are Lumineers? For more information about Lumineers, contact Park Dental Care in Queens at 718-274-1515.

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