Tooth Extractions Queens, NY

Tooth Extraction in Astoria QueensPark Dental Care of Astoria offers tooth extractions in Queens, NY.  Wisdom teeth removal, or any other teeth within the mouth, are performed right in the comfort of our Astoria dental office and are virtually painless with use of a local or general anesthetic.  For those who are nervous about tooth extraction, we also offer sleep sedation tooth extractions to ease nerves related to the procedure.

Tooth extractions may be performed when a tooth is broken, damaged or diseased, or if the tooth results in overcrowding in the mouth.  Teeth may also be extracted as a precursor to other dental procedures, such as dental implants, bridges or dentures.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extraction is common and is a result of wisdom teeth being impacted, not growing in properly or at the correct angle, or causing overcrowding.  Wisdom tooth extraction can also be a preventative measure to reduce future problems related to teeth and gums.

If you are interested in learning more about tooth extractions in our Astoria, Queens dental office, contact us today at 718-274-1515.

Tooth Extractions in Queens, NY

Park Dental Care has been providing a full range of dental services, including tooth extractions and wisdom teeth extraction, within our family dental practice in Astoria, Queens since the 1960′s. Dr. Gene Caiafa, Jr. is continuing the tradition of quality dental care begun by his father, Dr. Gene Caiafa, Sr.  We have an oral surgeon on staff and offer sleep sedation dentistry, emergency dentistry, and pediatric dentistry, in addition to extractions, in our state-of-the-art dental office on Ditmars Boulevard.

Tooth Extraction Cost, No Insurance Payment Options

We offer tooth extractions without dental insurance in Queens, NY.  For patients with no dental insurance, or whose dental insurance does not cover extractions, Park Dental Care provides affordable payment solutions and dental financing options to cover the cost of tooth extraction procedures. Contact us to find out wisdom teeth removal cost with and without insurance.

Dental Office Offering Tooth Extractions in Astoria, New York

We are conveniently located in Astoria, Queens, NY, just one block from the N & Q subway lines (at the Astoria-Ditmars Blvd. stop).  Only seven subway stops from midtown Manhattan, our Queens dental office location is also easily accessible to patients traveling from Manhattan, Brooklyn and throughout NYC.


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